Fees listed below are effective from 1 July, 2021

For a phone or online session (via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime):

  • Standard 60-75 min session — AU$120
  • Couple 60-75 min session — AU$140

For an in-person session at my consultation room:

  • Standard 75 min session — AU$130
  • Extended session 100 mins — AU$175
  • Couple 75 min session — AU$150


Those with financial hardship or restrictions can opt to use my sliding scale for fees.

Since you are the best judge of your own financial circumstances and capacity to pay, please select a fee that’s comfortable enough and sustainable for you, and pay that amount.

I would like to make my services available to anyone who has an interest in working with me


A complimentary initial online session is available on request, which gives us an opportunity to meet, get to know each other, and consider whether it would be valuable for us to work together.


  • Direct deposit to my AU bank account (for Australian clients)
  • Paypal using my gmail email address (for clients outside Australia)
  • credit/debit card (for in-person sessions)
  • cash (for in-person sessions)


After typing my email address in your Paypal app (phone or computer), Paypal gives you an interface like this, and you can select the appropriate amount:

Cancellation Policy

My cancellation policy is here.

* For fees for Trillium Awakening sessions, see this page and scroll down to Fees section.