With TA Teacher Ralf Humphries, TA mentor Cory Coops, and Trillium-Asia-Pacific Community Coordinator Shuwana Shiraze

On the first Monday of each month.

From March/April to November at:

  • 7pm AEST
  • 5pm in Western Australia
  • 5pm in Malaysia
  • 4pm in Thailand

From November to March/April (daylight savings time in Eastern Australia):

  • 7pm AEDT
  • 6pm AEST
  • 4pm in Western Australia
  • 4pm in Malaysia
  • 3pm in Thailand

The sitting is suitable for those new to Trillium Awakening. It builds on the Trillium Awakening Introduction and will include:

  • A brief introduction
  • Check-ins from participants
  • Mutual gazing
  • Time available for participants to share from their experience and hear reflection (if they choose) from the teacher and other participants

The sitting will run for around 2 hrs.

Suggested contribution: $20 or donation.

Are you curious about what a “Trillium Awakening Sitting” entails? Check out this link.

About the Teacher

Ralf completed a PhD on the nature of paradox in 2001. Leaving academic life soon after that, he spent five years in intensive solitary spiritual practice. Ralf discovered whole-being awakening work in 2011, and realized his whole-being nature in 2013.

Ralf is a psychotherapist in private practice, a Trillium Awakening teacher, and a guide for the Whole-Being Evolution Path™.

See Ralf’s TA teacher page here.

My whole-being nature is threefold:

My conscious nature is who I am
—My embodied nature is what I am
—My heart nature is how I am

When I realize all three natures together,
never separate and never merging,
I discover the full truth of my wholeness—
which has never not been so.