Soul Companions for Our Journey
Through Forsaken and Forgiven to Fulfilment

Relational Spirituality

The world is changing in a distinctive way. Events on the other side of the world now feel much closer. We feel a common bond and intimacy with people’s experiences on remote continents. “Far away” is no longer so far. The internet is a global nervous system, transmitting signals of pain and pleasure, safety and threat, love and hate, across oceans and across national borders so that we experience them directly in our own bodies, wherever we are.

Spirituality is evolving too. The earlier styles of spiritual work (including “de-armouring”, battling the ego, cruel-to-be-kind, self-denial, practice-for-lifetimes, meditate-meditate-meditate, breakthrough-or-bust, teacher-knows-best, one-size-fits-all) are giving way to something both more broad and inclusive, and at the same time more nuanced, refined and attuned to each individual. The earlier style was valuable, powerfully evolutionary, and the best we knew how at the time, but in today’s world it can start to feel like an IBM computer from 1986: a little less fit for purpose than it once was.

Having left the cave in the Himalayas, we are now entering the era of a fully relational spirituality.

Whole Being Soul Companions

Being Seen, Being Met and Being Loved are three welcoming Beings that hatch the sacred egg of this new enlightenment. In this emerging story, there is no longer an ‘ego’ which has to be seen through and destroyed. Now, instead, the ego turns out to be the protective shell of a sacred egg that we know instinctively how to hatch. In this miraculous birth process, we come to discover our own self nature—not as an illusion, or a mistake that needs fixing—but as a moment-to-moment living-breathing truth of existence.

This new, relational enlightenment is something we activate together—in pairs, groups and collectives of whole being soul companions. It happens in a space of growing awareness, trust and mutual warmth—where no-one is above saying sorry if they should happen to hurt another person.

Being together in the heart in this way, we walk beside each other. 

We walk beside each other as we each move, in an ever-deepening spiral—according to the internal gravity of our own process—through the Desert of Forsaken, discover and drink from the Well of Forgiven, and, in time, realise the Promise of Fulfilment—which, in truth, has been softly calling us, with infinite patience, all along the way.

The Event

This 4-day bodies-in-the-room Easter retreat will include teacher presentations, emergent group conversations, and experiential self-and-other discovery processes in pairs, triads and small groups, where together we embody the spirit of Being Seen, Being Met and Being Loved.

Photos courtesy of Tanja Askani