I am a teacher with Trillium Awakening, which is:

  • a contemporary, groundbreaking, simple and effective ‘three-petal’ approach to realizing your whole-being nature
  • a community of participants living the realized truth of a new Relational Spirituality
  • an organizational layer comprising 50+ teachers and mentors (the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle or TATC)
  • a range of events and offerings, including local gatherings and in-person retreats, online retreats, workshops, community events, and mutuality circles and ‘cafés’.

As Trillium Awakening teachers, we:

  • work together creatively
  • enjoy many forms of collaboration and mutual synergy
  • live our awakened mutuality in ever deepening interconnectedness and love
  • serve the whole-being awakening and evolution of humankind and of all beings.

Whole Being Realization is a new field of discovery for humans to participate in. It reflects an emerging whole-being paradigm, which is activating and accelerating evolution towards wholeness, personally and collectively.

When we work together in this evolution-attuned way, we recognize the everyday events, challenges, conflicts, struggles, discomforts, desires, impulses, transitions, and movements in your life—both small and large, subtle and not-so-subtle—that are always bringing with them openings and opportunities for increasing awareness, connection, illumination, self-discovery, self-revelation and self-expression. This is the nature of things.

In this way, over time, we become aware together of a sweetly flowing current of well-being unfolding as increasing wholeness in our life. From this ground, we begin to relax, trust, surrender into, and then become the flow of life.

Our whole-being nature comprises three dimensions:

  • Our conscious nature is who we are
  • Our embodied nature is what we are
  • Our heart nature is how we are

When we realize all three natures together, never separate and never merging, we know the truth of our wholeness—which, as we discover, has never not been already so.

My Trillium Awakening teacher profile is here.


I am a teacher of the Whole-Being Evolution Map™. Rod Taylor and I have collaborated over the last 8+ years to bring the Map into a finished form and make it available through various events and offerings, in various media, and through our work with Trillium Awakening students one-on-one.

The Whole-Being Evolution Map is wonderful complement to the Trillium Awakening work. It is a powerful activating instrument for enlivening the total process of whole-being awakening (which leads organically from the initial Whole Being Realization into six further stages of realization). The Map brings illumination and clarity to the intricate, multi-layered, archetypal process of human whole-being evolution, allowing us to precisely identify the key components of its unfolding all along the way.


I work with TA students in Australia and internationally in online groups, in-person groups, at retreats and workshops, and one-on-one.

A one-on-one session is typically 60-75mins, using Zoom, phone, Skype, or Facetime.

I offer a complimentary 30-45min initial session for those who haven’t met me before and who are interested in seeing whether it might be valuable to work together.

From 1st October 2021, my standard fee for one-on-one sessions with TA students is AU$100 or US$75. Students already working with me prior to 1st October 2021 stay on their previous rate.

A sliding scale for fees is available, which means my students can decide for themselves what they can pay sustainably, given their circumstances. Take the standard fee, slide it to the place that feels right to you and pay that amount.

I would like to be available in a sustainable way for those who want to work with me.

Payments methods:

  • For students living outside Australia: via Paypal using my gmail address, in US$ or AU$. Other methods can be arranged on request
  • For those living in Australia: Direct Deposit in AU$ (bank details are supplied by email after the first session)

If you have a question about fees or feel uncertain about how to use the sliding scale, we can discuss that in our initial sessions.