• Find spacious support in moving through the difficulties and dilemmas coming up in your life.
    • Have regular time that’s just for you and for discovering what’s important to you.
    • Be seen and heard for who you really are.
    • Find a strong foundation for living a more fulfilling life.
    • Begin to move into a new way of life that expresses more of what you know you’re here to be and do.

In our collaborative work, I’ll be supporting you in these key areas:

    • exploring the issues and challenges emerging in your life right now
    • meeting and relieving the pain & distress you might be feeling
    • developing increased capacity in being with the tensions of life
    • opening to the opportunities in your experiences for growth and transformation
    • discovering and owning more of the full range of who you are
    • expressing more fully what it is your unique gift to bring forth (whatever that is for you!)

In this process, without focusing on forcing change in specific problem areas of your life, evolution towards greater well-being will naturally occur.